This is not just a blog site~but it means a lot more than that~may be the play of emotions with respect to words!

Hope you would cherish the beautiful words~and leave your valuable feedback!

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About the Heart~Beats 11

The love of your life never fades , so is the love for the words of your heart this is something which urged me to have this blog page !

This is unlike several other sites , which showcases some materialized contents and being rich in its format! This blog comprises of several hidden words and thoughts which every one us had kept pondering of once in a while , and myself being just a representative of the those hearts have penned down my thoughts here!

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This is like a typical get to know me page which would  help you to reach me!

You can send in your valuable comments,your feedback ,views which would help me to improvise my writing!

Identity : Ragul Prakash

Email me ~ emailtoragul11@gmail.com

Contact to~+918807293723